about me.

If you want to skip all this “blah blah blah” –
grab your very own copy of my resume here.


Ok, where was I … oh right, about me.
So one stormy winters night …
(kidding, kidding)


Let’s jump right into the “cliff notes version” of my life…
(well, the first half anyhow.)
I was born in Lowell, MA. and grew up in upstate VT.
(nope, no MA accent. womp womp)
Onto art school in Boston, then eventually grad school in SF.


I consider myself a highly adaptable art director and designer,
with an unequivocal work ethic and an ability to manage + exceed expectations
while maintaining a good sense of humor.


My constant curiosity and desire for deeper understanding of UX/UI
and development has led me to the new challenge of accelerated programs
for professional certification – you know, in all my free time 😉


So what is my dream job?  Leading design and creative management
for a brand that knows (and believes in) the real value of GOOD design,
employs like-minded people who are passionate and believe in giving back.


I legitimately love + take pride in what I do. Design isn’t just a job for me.
I never “clock out” at 5pm. Sometimes inspiration strikes after a walk
with the dogs, a run to clear my head … but above all –

– S –

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