about me.

I’ll try to keep this short…annnnd hopefully somewhat interesting.
If you want to skip all this personal “blah blah blah” – grab your very own
copy of my snazzy resume here.

Ok, where was I … oh, right. Myself. One stormy winter’s night …
kidding, kidding – I won’t go back thaaaaat far.


Let’s jump right in …Art School in Boston, Grad School in SF.

I thrive on the visual communication of design, pride myself on maintaining
a good sense of humor, being a highly adaptable art director and designer –
all while consuming far too much cold brew. 😉
+ I lust to learn more. #nerdalert
Deeper understanding (and use) of front-end development and UX,
the new world of experiential marketing and challenge myself to
get offline and read as much as I can.


My design career started with an in-house design and marketing team
for a diamond company (weeeee! BIG budgets! ) – to a politics-driven,
non-profit ( teeeeenie budgets, ) then more in-house marketing,
and hordes of freelance projects and contract jobs along the way.


So what is my dream job? Designing for clients/brands
who know the real value of design and passionate creatives that
work hard and never stop… creating, improving, and problem-solving.


I legitimately love + take pride in what I do. Design isn’t just a job for me.
I never “clock out” at 5pm. Sometimes inspiration strikes after a walk
with the dog, a run to clear my head (+ something healthy for dinner ; )

– S –

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