about me.

I’ll try to keep this short…annnnd hopefully somewhat
interesting. If you want to skip all this personal
blah blah blah – grab your very own copy of
my snazzy resume here.


Ok, where was I … oh, right. Myself.
One stormy winter’s night …kidding, kidding –
I won’t go back that far.


Let’s jump right in …Art School in Boston, Grad School
in SF.  I pride myself on maintaining a good sense of
humor, solving pesky creative problems, drinking far
too much Starbucks ( I seriously have problem lol,) and
always lusting to learn more. Front-end development
is currently on deck to join my arsenal of skills.


My design career started with an in-house design and
marketing team for a diamond company (weeeee!
BIG budgets! ) – to a politics-drivin non-profit
( teeeeenie budgets, ) more in-house marketing, and
hordes of freelance projects along the way.


Overall it’s been an interesting journey to say the least.
I only want to continue to enjoy the ride. Especially if it
involves that warm and fuzzy feeling that comes with
delivering great design.

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